Preregistration and Registration

Last updated April 28, 2022

Each semester, current students meet with their advisers to discuss their academic progress, preregister for classes for the next semester, and finalize their registration at the start of the semester.

Registration at the College is a process that includes:

Planning your Course Schedule

Get ready: Everything you need to know to prepare for preregistration.

Students preregister for the classes in BiONiC that they plan to take during the following semester. Students have the opportunity to adjust their registration during the first week of classes if their plans change.

Registering for Classes

  • Registering for Classes in BiONiC (updated July 25, 2022)
  • Switch lab sections
  • Need help with your Registration? Click here for drop-in hours info.
  • At Penn (The Quaker Consortium will likely reopen for Fall 2022 for Bryn Mawr students. We will get more details about the process over the summer. We will keep our website updated and be aware that this is subject to change. The Penn course request form will open in June and Penn will begin processing our requests on August 1. As more information becomes available, we will share it here.)
  • At Swarthmore
  • Use Permission Numbers

Review and Confirm Registration

At the start of each semester, attend the classes you registered for, review that your registration in BiONiC reflects the classes you are attending.

Late Changes to Registration

Occasionally situations arise that might require a student to add or drop a class after the end of Registration at the start of the semester.


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