Campus Life

Bryn Mawr sponsors a variety of cultural, social, and recreational activities that enhance its stimulating educational experience. As a postbac student, you have full access to all that the College offers. Our athletic facilities include a 50,000-square-foot gymnasium, an Olympic-size pool, fitness center, basketball court, and outdoor tennis courts and fields for soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey. In the arts, Bryn Mawr sponsors a variety of dance, music, and theater performances directed by faculty members and students.

An extensive program of readings, exhibitions, performances, and workshops by visiting professional writers, artists, actors, and musicians complements these activities.

Postbac students are encouraged to take advantage of campus facilities and activities, as well as our proximity to the Philadelphia area’s wide array of cultural, athletic, and dining venues, as a springboard for socializing with one another. Our postbacs also share a wide range of personal interests with their peers, including cooking and dining, music, yoga, hiking, running, extramural team sports—and just hanging out!